Pastors' Declaration on Border Security and Immigration Reform
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Disclaimer - We will post news articles and other resources related to border security and immigration reform for your information.  We do not necessarily endorse viewpoints reflected in any of these resources but rather believe that pastors and church leaders should be aware of these issues and information.  If you wish to submit a resource to make available please send to for consideration.  We reserve the right to post only information we determine to be appropriate and credible to this discussion.


Border Security/Immigration Related Articles

            · The Anti-Immigration Crusader (The New York Times)

            · S.L. Count GOP Delegates Call for Repeal of Guest Worker Bill (Salt Lake City Desert News)

            · Second Border Activist Sentenced to Death in Arizona (Seattle Times)

            · Utah Approves Guest Worker Program for Illegal Immigrants (ABC News)

            · Alabama Lawmakers Approve Immigration Crackdown (Chicago Tribune)

            · Illegal Immigrant Climbing Wall Killed by Border Agent (KHOU, Channel 11 Houston)

            · Voter ID Passes Texas House (ABC News)

            · 13 Illegal Immigrants Arrested in US Marine Corps Uniforms (Fox News)

            · Utah Man Arrested After Human Skulls Found in Shed (Arkansas KATV)

· 5th Child Victim Killed in Mexico Drug Violence (KHOU, Channel 11 Houston)

· 8 out of 10 Illegal Immigrants Apprehended in 2010 Not Prosecuted (CNS News)

· Fraudulent Voting in New Mexico by Foreign Nationals (Fox News)

· Kansas Welfare Worker says Illegal Immigrants Abused the System (The Kansas City Star)

· Utah Passes Amnesty Bill for Illegal Immigrants (Salt Lake City Deseret News)

· North Carolina Follows Arizona Lead Against Undocumented Immigrants (Fox News)

· Mexico Raises Concerns Over Georgia Illegal Immigration Bill (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

· America's Third War: Texas Farmers Under Attack at the Border (Fox News)

· Georgia House Passes Illegal Immigration Crackdown (Associated Press)

· Arizona Beheading Tied to Mexican Drug Cartel (Associated Press)

· Georgia panel advances Arizona-style Crackdown on Illegal Immigration  (Associated Press)

· Sheriff Arpaio Too Controversial to Read to 6th Graders? (Associated Press)

· Illegal Alien Pleads Guilty To Food Stamp Fraud (Associated Press)

· 3 Young Girls Killed in Mexico Border Attack (Washington Post)

· 67% Say States Should be able to Enforce Immigration Laws if Feds Are Not (Rasmussen Reports)

· Large Group of Illegal Immigrants Found in Arizona (ABC News)

· Mexico: Suspect in ICE agent killing detained (KHOU Channel 11, Houston)

· New Arizona Bill Would Step Up Immigration Effort (ABC News)

           ·  After Amnesty: Getting Immigration Reform Right (The Heritage Foundation)

· Arizona May Require Hospitals to Check Citizenship (ABC News)

· Arizona Files Lawsuit Against Obama  (ABC News)

· Killing of Missionary Rattles Texas Border (New York Times)

· Immigration law in Arizona is no model for Texas (Guest Editorial, Houston Chronicle)

· Juarez Editorial Ignites a Beleaguered Mexico (Associated Press)

·  Poll: Nearly two-thirds of all Texans support Arizona-style immigration laws (KHOU Channel 11, Houston)

· U.S. Border Patrol Agents in "Firefight" With Mexican Gang (Fox News)

·  Authorities Rescue 37 immigrants locked inside small room in Southern California House (Fox News)

·   U.S. shifts approach to deporting illegal immigrants (USA Today)

·   Birthright Citizenship in the United States: A Global Comparison (Center for Immigration Studies)

·   MYRICK: Hezbollah car bombs on our border (Washington Times)

·    Evangelical push for immigration reform (Chicago Sun Times)

·    What the Drop in Illegal Residency Means for Immigration Reform (The Atlantic)

·     Blurring the boundaries (Houston Chronicle)

·     U.S. weapons fuel drug violence, Mexico's president says (CNN)

·    Feds moving to dismiss some deportation cases (Houston Chronicle)

·    Arizona Files Legal Brief Hitting Back at Federal Ruling Against State's Immigration Law (Fox News)

·    72 Bodies Found in Northern Mexico (New York Times)

·     Immigration news (Fox News)

·     Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Bullets from Juarez Striking El Paso Building

·     Illegal Immigration Issues Make Their Way to New England (Time)

·     Gov. Perry: Border Sheriffs are Our First Line of Defense

·      Napolitano: Now with 'enough' border resources, time to reform (Washington Times)

·      Anchor babies: A problem but not the problem (WorldNetDaily)

·      Unauthorized Immigrants and Their U.S.-Born Children (Pew Research)

·       Obama to sign bill approving $600 million for border security (CNN)

·      U.S. sees rise in children born to illegal immigrants (USA Today)

·      Va. nun's death rallies anti-immigration forces (Baltimore Sun)

·      Across Texas, 60,000 babies of noncitizens get U.S. birthright (Dallas Morning News)

·       Immigration divides conservatives among GOP (Houston Chronicle)

·       An Arizona Morgue Grows Crowded (New York Times)

·      Arizona Appeals Ruling on Immigration Law Amid Protests, Dozens of Arrests (Fox News)

·      Arizona preparing appeal of immigration ruling (Washington Times)

·      Feds win round 1 against Arizona (Washington Times)

·       Over 220 Texas Pastors Back Declaration on Immigration Reform (Christian Post)

·       Bodies Found in Mass Graves in Mexico (New York Times)

·       Heritage In Focus: Immigration: What Would Reagan Do? (Heritage Foundation)

·       U.S. troops to arrive at Mexico border August 1 (Rueters)

·       An Immigration Measure Republicans Could Get Behind (The Atlantic)

·      Why the U.S. had to challenge Arizona on immigration (Washington Post)

·       Nine Texans among lawmakers urging Supreme Court to uphold Arizona immigration law (Dallas Morning News)

·      Americans' views on immigration reveal complexities (Houston Chronicle, D.C. Bureau)

·      Obama Wins Unlikely Allies in Immigration (New York Times)

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